From Bean to Bar

Discover how our chocolate is crafted

Great chocolate starts with great cocoa. Whether it’s the intense fruitiness of our Organic cocoa, or the smooth, nutty character of our Ghanaian cocoa found in our new Velvet Edition collection.


Farmers inspect each cacao tree by hand and only harvest the pods when they are fully ripe. The pods are then hand-cut open to reveal the juicy cocoa beans covered in a thick white cacao fruit; this is removed from the pod and covered with banana leaves. As the fruit breaks down the cocoa begins to ferment, which forms the first precursors of chocolate flavour. After a week, the beans are cleaned and dried in the sun, before being packed up.


Locked inside the paper-thin shell of cocoa beans are the cocoa nibs which we gently roast to bring out the chocolate aroma. We then grind down the nibs into a thick paste, releasing all the flavour. The finest sugar is added, along with milk if we are making milk chocolate, and continue to refine the chocolate until it’s so smooth that none of the particles can be detected on the tongue. Cocoa butter is the natural oil found inside cocoa nibs and is added to give the chocolate its smooth luxurious texture.

Green & Black's Bars


Our freshly made chocolate is stirred for several hours until smooth, thick and shiny. We then ‘temper’ the chocolate, with a series of controlled temperature changes to ensure that the final chocolate will set with a beautiful glossy shine and perfect ‘snap’. The luxurious chocolate is then carefully poured into moulds; ready for you to indulge yourself in a moment of pure chocolate pleasure.